Neocrea Smart Home Automation

Electrical Features;

• 1. Operability with 220VAC using its own voltage reduction adapter.
2. 9 ... 24VDC operability using direct adapter voltage input.
3. Maximum 100mA current consumption (~ 1watt)
4. RF ISM Banded Wireless receiver // transmitter that can be manufactured at 433MHz and 869MHz.
5. High current output (8 pieces 300mA continuous 500mA instant)
6. Bluetooth and mobile phone side computer connection.

Technical Features;

1. NeoRf TransmitterModem (Rf Communication Modem Transmitter)
2. NeoRfReceiverModem (Rf Communication Modem Receiver)
3. BlueTooth Communication Module.
4. PWM Output (Transistor to drive max.1mA. (Also 1000mA virtual PWM)) J6
5. RS485 / RS422 Receiver transmitter. J10
6. Infrared Receiver Module (Siemens SFH506 standard) J12
7. Power MOSFET output (can switch input voltage to 1A) J9
8. Eight-channel negative-switching transistor array (300mA) J3
9. Battery Connection Terminal. J1
10. 3V3 100mA DC output. J8
11. 5V 10mA two pin processor port and 100mA DC output. J11
12. Four pin input terminal (Analogue Digital compatible) J7


1. Wide voltage spectrum operation (12 ... 24VDC)
2. Low current consumption (~ 1watt)
3. Wireless operation.
4. Sufficient RF output power in open field 50m radius circle (15dBm)
5.Full optimization with high accuracy.