Apple Swift Introduces Programming Language

06, 2014

Apple Inc. Craig Federighi, vice president of Software Engineering, announced the Swift Programming language, which Chris Lattner, Division Director of Apple Software Developer Tools at WWDC, is starting to design. Swift has a simpler and simpler syntax scheme than Objective-C. In spite of Objective-C, swifteen writers look warmer. In the development of Objective-C, there are talked about software developers who apply to PhoneGap to swiftly develop native applications together. One of Swift's most prominent features is the ability to use Cocoa to develop a common library on both a Mac and iOS platform using a single library. It was one of the best news that memory management improvements would have less memory and less memory usage. The Playgrounds feature that comes with Swift will allow us to see how the app reacts to instant code changes, so that we can experiment experimentally while developing a mobile app. In the transition period, the question that raises the most heads will be the libraries, Swift will have a new language and lack of library. Neocrea uses swift in mobile application development process.